Literature Research and Reporting

Westcott Research and Consulting offers a range of services in this area, covering all aspects of literature research, report writing and the preparation of public-relations materials. Dr Burkitt has extensive experience of scientific writing and editorial work. In addition to writing his own research papers, review articles and book chapters, Dr Burkitt has served on the editorial board of the journal Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (for which he received an exemplary service award). He has also served on the editorial board of Free Radical Biology & Medicine and has acted as an external referee on a regular basis for many other major journals.

With a background in both chemistry and biochemistry, Dr Burkitt is able to bridge the two disciplines and thereby apply findings reported in the chemical literature to the solution of problems of biological and medical relevance. Equally, he is able to assist chemists in the application of their findings to biological and medical applications. Below are details of the services we offer; however do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibility of our assisting you in other types of project.

1. Reviewing the scientific literature
Whatever your area of interest, if it involves free radicals and antioxidants in biology, medicine, nutrition or food technology, Dr Burkitt can research the literature and produce a report summarising the issues most relevant to your project. Whether your intended audience consists of clinicians, biochemists, food scientists or indeed lay readers, the report can be written at a level and using language appropriate to your requirements.

2. Manuscript preparation and review
Assistance is offered at all stages of the publication process, from the preparation of your first draft to the revision of a submitted manuscript in response to feedback from an editor. Similar help is offered in the preparation of grant applications.

3. Publicity and public information materials
Dr Burkitt is able to assist in the preparation of reports, leaflets and related publicity materials in which it is necessary to convey scientific concepts and ideas using simple, everyday language. An example would be a document giving information on the nutritional value (e.g. health benefits) of a food product. Dr Burkitt's articles in The Digest and, indeed, his e-book Healthy Eating Through Informed Choice demonstrate his ability to explain scientific concepts using simple, non-technical language. In this regard, he is also able to draw upon his training and experience as a teacher (secondary science).

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Burkitt directly to discuss your requirements.