Private Tuition Services

Private tuition is offered to students studying science at all levels. Dr Burkitt is a qualified secondary-school teacher with extensive experience across the independent and maintained sectors (including two Bucks grammar schools). He has also lectured in the Higher Education system, where he has supervised several post-graduate research students and post-doctoral researchers.

Areas covered include:

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NEED A PHYSCIS TUTOR? Without reservation, Dr Burkitt recommends Next Step Tuition for study at GCSE, IGCSE, AS/A2 and IB levels.

Suggested holiday reading for sixth-form and pre-university students


Prices depend on the course being followed (e.g. whether GCSE, AS or A2) and operate on a sliding scale, according to lesson length. Based in Buckinghamshire, Dr Burkitt is able to travel into the surrounding counties and London.

Please enquire for details.

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